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8.jpg? — ADVERTISEMENT — Fekete kararla kayıp, diğer iki oyuncusu ayrıldı.Alpha is a way to automate a lot of the tedious and boring tasks out of your daily routine. It is an all-in-one tool designed to help you be more organized, be more efficient and work smarter. Once you sign up and have the Alpha app installed on your iOS, Android and PC devices you will notice its voice-enabled interface allows you to control your home and schedule tasks from the palm of your hand. When you open the app, you can ask it questions using natural language processing. Most importantly, the app will listen to your voice and interpret it. A simple question like “What’s on the agenda for tomorrow?” could be answered with a link to a Google Calendar appointment. If you say “I need to go to the store to buy milk,” it will open a Google Maps map to show you where the nearest grocery store is. If you are trying to remember where you left your keys, Alpha will listen and it will tell you with a link to the corresponding Google Maps maps. The app is currently in beta with no set release date, but we can expect the app to have some fancy features such as scheduling your personal assistants, scheduling deliveries, streaming music and playing videos. Check out the video above to learn more about Alpha. Source: WeiboChile’s transportation ministry says the name of the road carrying the A-4 freeway and the Chilean National Railways (FER) will be changed to name O’Higgins after the country’s first president, Manuel Bulnes O’Higgins. The ministry said the act of making the name change was approved at a meeting between officials and the Communist Party of Chile (PCC), the Communist Party of Chile (PCP), the Popular Unity party (UP) and the New Majority party (NP). Former president Patricio Aylwin was also in attendance at the meeting. OPINION: What do Chileans think of ‘Pinochet fatigue’? The name of the road, which will run from the Chilean capital to the cities of San Pedro de Osos and Santa Maria, is already an issue for a number of communities which are on the route.



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Sahifaesajjadiyainurdupdfdownload takipypp
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